Do you know that almost 65 % of the world’s population spends their time online? That is a whopping 5 billion users worldwide. During July 2021 – 2022 close to 200 million new users joined the world of the internet. With accelerating mobile users, businesses seek a responsive web design for their business website to attract the mobile internet users.

With technologies like 5G getting popular, the scope of the internet is almost limitless. 

And, denying your company an online presence would be a huge injustice to the hard work you have put in so far. 

Why Responsive Website Design?

I agree, you are smart enough and already have a business website online. But, do you have a version that works on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, Android phones ( big, small and all sizes ), Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, smart TVs, large screen monitors and so on?

There is a good chance that your website may not work on a number of these devices. 

Don’t panic! The internet is not without solutions, especially when it comes to web design. 

What if I tell you that a single website will work on all these devices, screens and browsers? The technology behind this technique is called responsive web design. A single website that can adapt itself to different screen sizes and supports various platforms and operating systems. Much like a rubber ball that can be squeezed into any size or shape. 

Benefits Of Responsive Web Development and Design

I assure you, responsive web design is not without its charms. There are many ways in which you win when you choose to adopt responsive web design for your personal, small business or corporate website. 

Professional Responsive User Interface Services For Your Business Website

Responsive web design in Riyadh

Budget-friendly Web Design

Once you choose responsive web design, you save a lot on your web design budget. Responsive design allows you to omit multiple versions of the same website.

A single website works great on PC, smartphones, tablets and other devices. The same text, images, media and code works flawlessly across multiple devices and platforms.

The more you save on web design services, the higher you can invest in digital marketing and SEO, thereby improving your scope on Google. 

Business Website That Works On All Devices

Brand identity and user experience are of paramount importance for business web page design. Businesses cannot afford to confuse their customers with different websites for different devices. It would be a disaster if a customer has to deal with a completely different web page design when they use a smartphone to access the business website while on the move. 

Web design services make sure that a single colour scheme, familiar layout, icons, images and other media stay even when the customer switches between a variety of devices like a Mac, iPhone or iPad. 

When people are happy, they stay on your website for a long time. And they come back and make new queries. Google starts to think that your website is an authority on that particular topic. This positive signal will ensure that your website performs well on Google search results. 

Save On Mobile Apps with Responsive Web Design

Mobile apps are inevitable these days. They improve conversions through various types of notifications. Sadly, they are neither cheap nor easy to acquire. According to various data available, a mobile app would cost $5,000 and upwards.

Competent web design services can easily override these bottlenecks with their expert stack of tools and frameworks. A responsive web page design can now provide push notifications and PWA which can easily replace the need for native mobile apps. 

PWA, also known as Progressive Web App will allow a website to act as a mobile app on your smartphone.  

Google has been actively promoting websites that are providing PWA support. An active PWA on your website will boost the organic traffic through Google.

Single Code Base For Business Website

Building a website is a hard enough task. Reliable web design services make sure that your IT department need not have to work round the clock to keep the website afloat. Minimum maintenance is always the key to running a successful website. 

At the same time, the saved workload should not be passed on to the developer. There are a variety of frameworks that ensure that the code base remains lean and still works on a variety of devices without any hardship. Options like Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap gives a solid base for developers to build on and provide a bug free experience across a variety of devices and platforms. 

A simple code base means very less data to load. Causing improved page load speed and better support for low-speed internet devices. Such signals are considered positive by Google and will have a significant impact when someone searches for related topics. 

Responsive Web Design Makes Visitors Stay

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What if you land on a website and it does not have a mobile version? The letters are too small, buttons are not easy to click, hard to navigate, poor layout etc. 

There is a good chance that you will blame the web page design and leave. This tendency of people to leave very soon will affect an SEO factor called bounce rate. Which is the rate at which people stay or bounce away from your website. 

Too big a bounce rate will make Google think that your website is not worthy of visitors. And this is going to have a very bad impact on your SEO, how your website appears on Google search and the resultant traffic. 

A responsive website helps greatly in reducing the bounce rate and performs well on Google. 

Google Likes Responsive Web Design

As of 1st July 2019, Google prefers and promotes mobile ready websites. Mobile first indexing is an active policy of Google. Responsive web page design by dependable web design services can ensure good results on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Responsive web design not only makes life easier for the developer, and the IT department but also brings new customers through Google. A responsive business website is much more suited for digital marketing.

If implemented correctly, responsive design can ensure that the customers stay and come back with their new orders.

The return on investment in case of responsive web page design is many times the invested amount and within a short span of time compared to other sources of lead generation. 

Sounds like something you should try? Get the best responsive web design services by UpGro Digital today!

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