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Ecommerce is growing fast providing ample opportunities for existing as well as new businesses.
Upgro Digital creates eCommerce-specific Strategic Websites, as well as develops and implements Strategic Digital Marketing processes for growth ventures

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The key benefits of eCommerce are

  • Faster buying / selling process

  • Open 24x7 business

  • Lower set up cost

  • Convenience to manage

  • Time-Saving

  • No geographical limitation to market

  • Several payment modes

  • Scalability

According to Nasdaq, as much as 95% of shopping will be facilitated by E-Commerce by the year 2040.

At the same time, eCommerce is not merely buying and selling goods and services on an internet platform.

As per the available statistics, eCommerce businesses of different sizes across the globe is estimated at more than 12 million. However, only a meager 8% ( <1 million) among these business firms sell more than $1,000 per year.

According to Gerald Zaltman, Professor of Harvard Business School, 95% of purchase decisions are made in the subconscious.

Consumer-centric Strategy, branding, positioning, customer value journey, operational model, etc. along with technological competitiveness are important in the success of eCommerce businesses.

The set of the strategy, business model, market, resources, etc. of each of the businesses is unique and competitive.

Upgro Digital creates eCommerce specific Strategic Websites, develop Strategic Digital Marketing process & execute

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