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Comprehensive Marketing Approach to Reach Target Audience

Results-driven Strategic Social Media Marketing

Advertise where people are!

Today, social media is driving customer purchase decisions. Saudi Arabia has 79.25% active social media users who spend an average of 3 hours and 2 minutes daily on social media.

Social Media is a collective term to denote a number of very powerful and influential platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. There are millions of people from Saudi Arabia, GCC and MENA countries who spend a large amount of time on these platforms. People of all age groups, profession and class are actively participating in these social media platforms.

It is always wise to sell where people gather. Recently, that is happening on social media. In Saudi Arabia, around 29 million people spend their time on Facebook regularly. When we consider other platforms, social media is a very attractive space for any business with plans to grow.

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Specially Designed Social Media Marketing Campaigns

About 90% of total internet users are active on social media

Converting these millions of causal strollers on social media to your prospective customers is not a big task. It certainly needs some planning and careful execution.

We at UpGro Digital provide a comprehensive social media marketing strategy by leveraging social media at the right time to build an interest in your brand and products. Our social media posts are meant to engage your audience and to create an interesting post that gains far-reaching long-term growth for your business.

Our Social Media Optimization Service is committed to connecting with your audience through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. UpGro Digital marketing services offer end-to-end social media management to drive tangible results and more engagement by boosting your online presence in the digital world.

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Why Social Media Marketing is important?

Popular & Famous

4.7 billion social media users worldwide

Social media is a formidable force in the field of advertisement and digital marketing. There was a time when businesses spent millions to advertise on TV channels and conventional modes. But they often reach people with almost zero interest as well. This waste of resources can be avoided when advertising through social media.

With close to 5 billion users worldwide spending time on social media, you can target almost any kind of audience based on your type of business.

Variety of people

Around 60% of the world’s population use social media

Even grandpas and teenagers are using social media effectively to find products and services. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc have people from all categories. Be it colour, class, region, nationality, or age, these social media platforms are open to all.

Social media platforms are free and open. This particular nature of social media attracts every category of people and with the type of algorithm used by companies like Facebook, people tend to spend more and more on these platforms.

It helps businesses and digital marketing agencies to choose from broader options and reach the kind of people who will help the business grow.

Easy to use

Social media users spend around 2.5 hours every day on their favourite platforms globally

The most important feature of social media is its ease of use. It is easier to find friends, content, services and offers on social media. Even senior citizens find platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc very simple and straightforward.

The non-complex user interface makes things easier for every kind of user. And this is going to help businesses reach these people at a minimal cost. Among these users, there are business owners, entrepreneurs and other prospective clients.

Platforms like Facebook understand these users very well and share with them relevant ads and services of their interest. This kind of principle is very helpful for businesses to find new customers through social media campaigns.

In-built communities

Facilities like Facebook groups help segregate common-minded people and distribute the content of interest among them. Businesses can create promotional materials and make them reach like-minded people with ease.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can easily set campaigns and target the right kind of groups or communities for effective results.

Platforms like Facebook understand these users very well and share with them relevant ads and services of their interest. This kind of principle is very helpful for businesses to find new customers through social media campaigns.

Supports Paid Campaigns

Instagram alone has an advertising potential of more than $ 1 billion!

The best thing about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc is that they support paid campaigns. These campaigns are just like putting ads in newspapers or TV. But more effective, affordable and with measurable results.

They provide various data on reach, kind of interactions and people who visited your ads. The only requirement in such campaigns is that you will need to take help from a digital marketing company to set the parameters correctly. If done without preparation, people end up spending too much money without an end result.

Make sure that you hire an expert digital marketing company with a solid background to generate new business and customers through social media platforms.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has around 3 billion monthly active users worldwide

The most popular social media platform can improve your reach and engagement with your audience. Experience real growth for your business by promoting your business and brand on Facebook.

We will implement a customized Facebook Marketing Strategy to gain maximum visibility and engagement on the most powerful social media platform.

Instagram Marketing

The most engaging social media platform is the best platform to build your brand identity among your audience. Promote your brand on Instagram through captivating visuals to grow your following and boost sales.

We will use hashtags along with standout appealing content to create high engagement for your products and brand.

LinkedIn Marketing

The professional social media platform is vital for building your online reputation. Increase your brand visibility by making connections through LinkedIn. Our focus is on creating a targeted marketing strategy to generate leads to grow your business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an integral part of social media marketing strategy to reach a larger audience. Increase your brand awareness by posting relevant content. We will optimise your Twitter profile to share engaging content while also engaging proactively with your customers.

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Social Media Marketing Services

UpGro Digital as your Social Media Marketing Partner

Main elements of our Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Profile Creation and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive social handle management
  • Promoting your business brand identity
  • Strategic creation of tailored social media content
  • Posting relevant social media content to gain maximum reach

Our social media concepts are creative and engaging to take your business to the next level. We integrate social media marketing strategy with digital marketing solutions to deliver long-term growth for your business.

Professional Social Media Marketing Services

Our holistic approach to digital marketing includes every module that matters. Grow your business with specially designed strategic digital marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Strategic Business Website and digital branding.

Our comprehensive packages make us a single point of action for all your digital marketing needs. Thus eliminating the need to run door-to-door for different services.

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