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StrategicDigital Marketing

In this Digital era of Business

Where do you stand now?

If you are running a Business, Industry, Institution (educational, medical, or any other) or be a Celebrity or Professional...

The future of your venture largely depends on the stage you are at in the Digital era.

Front-end Development Icon Stage 1: Digital Posting (DP)

At this stage, you create a non-strategic website, your own social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and start posting images and videos occasionally. It is just a starting point..... and, simply, an equivalent of throwing a stone into a big ocean.

Front-end Development Icon Stage 2: Digital Advertising (DA)

This is the stage where you start running paid advertisements in social media, Google, etc., perhaps with basic customer-targeting measures in Google or Facebook.

Front-end Development Icon Stage 3: Digital Marketing (DM)

The third step of the ladder is where you think about the right mix of Digital and Marketing concepts. The concept of Marketing is extensive and talks about consumer, branding, the right mix of Product, Pricing, Placing, Promotion...and more. Advertising concept is rather different from Marketing, and is just one of the four methods of Promotion, whereas Promotion is one among the four P’s of the Marketing Mix.

With the beauty of opportunities in detailed targeting, remarketing, community building etc, Digital Marketing is more result-oriented and cost-effective than other marketing mediums.

Yeah, DM is very interesting while it helps to upgrow a business.

Front-end Development Icon Stage 4: Strategic Digital Marketing (SDM)

However, the recipe for ultimate success is in Digital Marketing driven by the Corporate & Business Strategy, aligned rightly, without missing its laser-focus. It involves a long-term association between Upgro Digital and the Client. It is year-on-year goal-oriented.

Upgro Digital experts in Digital Strategies & Marketing help you to drive in either at Stage-4 or Stage-3 above: Strategic Digital Marketing (SDM) or Digital Marketing (DM)

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Digital marketing is the mode of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based platforms to promote products and services. In the digital era, the growth of any business/ industry depends largely on online processes in marketing.

As the majority of consumers are actively using the internet and mobile phones, no business firm can avoid using digital marketing now or in the future. Digital platforms are the most effective medium to communicate about their products and services to the customers who are internet and social media users.

Digital advertising is more cost-effective and result-oriented than other marketing mediums due to its facilities of targeting as well as remarketing options. It also provides enormous scalability, laser-sharp accuracy, and quicker results.

The Strategic Business Website created by UpgroD professionals are also fueled by SEO and serve as a no-cost marketing tool to attract and convert customers.

The professionals at Upgro Digital provide a wide range of services in Social Media and Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), PPC, Marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., Email marketing and so on...

We help your business grow online with Strategic Website, Strategic Branding & Strategic Digital Marketing drives. Our team of professionals provides you the best website design and digital marketing services. Send us an email, give us a call, get a Free Quote or schedule a FREE Strategy session below


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