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The 5 Myths and Truths about ‘Branding’

There are many myths around branding that stops businesses from having either an effective brand. Five common myths and truths are:

Myth: We have a logo and tagline, so we have a brand already!

Truth: Brand is beyond a logo or tagline. A brand is a perception the world has about your Company. A brand communicates your Personality, the Value and the Experiences you deliver etc. and influences potential customer’s perception about who you are and whether they will want to do business with you.

Brand Value is perhaps your highest appreciable business asset. Branding builds loyalty and makes attracting customers and marketing easier. A robust brand provides employees higher motivation. It makes people care because it raps into their feelings, emotions, perceptions, traits, and values. It provides a competitive edge to the company and long-run successes.

Myth: Branding is only for Consumer products, not for B2B or industrial products

Truth: Brands are important for any company that targets people. Branding helps businesses grow and sustain regardless of B2B, Industrial, or Consumer products. It is Business to People (B2P) marketing. Branding helps any business to space out from the competition, build loyalty, command higher prices, and generate better results.

Myth: Branding and Advertising are the same things

Truth: Two are different. Branding is the identity or personality you build up sensibly. Advertising is how you show that identity to the world. Both depend on one another. You can advertise only if there is a brand. Your brand will be known to the world only if you advertise it.

Myth: Brand Management is only for mega-companies

Truth: Not at all. Brands are important for any size company that wants to create competitive edges in the market and win consumers in the long run.

Myth: Brand building is expensive

Truth: Branding is NOT necessarily expensive. It depends on how you understand the Consumer and plan branding exercises. The long-term return on the branding investment is usually very high.

Website and Brand are closely connected. In this digital era, a Website is the key representation of a brand online. It is powered by Digital marketing.

Strategic digital branding, company website design, and digital marketing are all services provided by Upgro Digital.

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