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The 3 Myths and Facts about a Website

Myth-1: Website is just a luxury!

Fact-1: Website is not just a luxury or an option, but a basic need of a business!

We are living in an online era. More and more people (customers) are going online. For any business, besides the conventional offline market, the online market is a whole new world of opportunities. Moreover, it is vast and cost-effective for any type of business including Consumer, Industrial, Service, and Trading.

Hosting your website is like establishing your corporate office in the online world!

You are building up your Website (office) at a server space (land), which is under your own control.

Your website also reflects the quality of your business! It creates your image or reputation among customers and the public space.

Nowadays, a Website has become a basic need and an inevitable investment for any business!

Myth-2: Website is just an 'online brochure'!

Fact-2: Website is not just an 'online brochure', but a strategic business tool!

A website helps to establish a strong brand. But, it also serves as a platform for achieving other business goals.

According to statistics, ‘81% of customers conduct online research before purchasing.' People (consumers) are highly reliant on the internet for a variety of reasons, finding a company, searching for information, using a service, buying a product, and many other activities. A strategically structured website can be an effective marketing tool to connect with them, grow your brand, leads, sales, and business.

The website can be the hub of all of your online marketing activities!

Sales, marketing, human resource, procurement…. With different areas of functional management, the Website can be an effective tool to meet various objectives.

A website creates long-term as well as short-term businesses.

So, a Website is a powerful and strategic business tool to influence people and develop business!

Myth-3: Website simply helps a business upgrow!

Fact-3: Website simply doesn’t help a business upgrow, but Strategies do!

Every day, around 576,000 new websites are launched on the internet. As a result, simply creating a website and hosting it on the internet will not guarantee the growth of a business. The well-thought-out Strategies applied in the process of building up a Website help achieving big results.

Each business is unique. Websites based on unique Strategies will work well and yield results!

Not only does a website establish a brand, but also a powerful platform for the strategic achievement of business goals.

Strategic Business Websites

Strategy + Business + Website = Success
Success leads to PROFIT!

A website can be a STRATEGIC HUB that helps a business grow fast in the ONLINE AGE.

A 'Strategic Business website (SBW)' is a result-oriented tool that is customized and specific to your business goals such as brand promotion, driving traffic to the website, (increasing customer base), conversion of visitors to customers, retainment of customers, tracking measurable results, etc.

The creation of a Strategic Business Website is not a stand-alone web-design-activity. It is a structured process of blending the goals and strategies of your business with each and every aspect of website development. It follows a holistic approach and leads to the overall growth of your business.

SBW can also be used as a Zero-cost digital marketing tool to attract new customers on regular basis and convert them into sales. It's all contained within a website!

  • What Upgro Digital do to Create an SBW

    Creating a website at Upgro Digital is a process that starts with ‘Understanding the business and the Consumer’.

    The key steps are

    • Understanding the business
    • Understanding the Consumer
    • Understanding the target audience
    • Understanding the Competitors
    • Define the goals for website development
    • Mapping Customer Value Journey
    • Develop Website Strategy
    • Design the Brand Board for Web design
    • Develop SEO Strategy for Digital marketing
    • Develop content for the website
    • Design website for all devices
    • Coding & Create website pages
    • Test & Review by QA Dept.
    • Create Analytics Strategy
    • Web hosting
    • Chalk out Maintenance strategy

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The 4 Strategic Pillars

The conceptualization, design, development, and hosting of a Strategic Business Website involves processes in multi-disciplinary areas such as Strategy, Technology (Web & Digital), Branding, Marketing, Design, Content etc.

Upgro Digital follows a multi-functional approach in the whole process.


The multi-disciplinary team of professionals at Upgro Digital creates the Strategic Business Website on the four strategic pillars viz. Marketing strategy, Technology strategy, Content strategy, and Design Strategy.

Statistics Shows

51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone (Google)

53% of shoppers say they always do research before they buy to ensure they are making the best possible choice

(Google Consumer Insight study- US)

81% of Shoppers research their Product Online before purchasing

(GE Shopper Research Study)

60% of the overall website traffic is reported from Mobile Devices

(3d Cart)

  • Statistics – Saudi Arabia

    • 93% (34.91 million) of people in Saudi are active internet (online) users (Statista)
    • Online Internet users in the country forecasted to reach in 2025 is at 36.2 million
    • 31.88 million people are online users through mobile phone
    • There are 25 million online users for Social media in Saudi
    • The average daily time spent on the Internet & Social media is 7 hrs & 3 hrs respectively

Few More Aspects

Architecture Design & Development

Upgro Digital develops complete website solutions providing state-of-the-art design and architecture using the latest technologies available in the web industry. It will be bundled with speed, security, and stability, and also stay by the current needs and future demands.

We follow certain standard steps such as planning and preparing the scope of work, development of mockup designs, wireframe, system development, quality analysis, user acceptance test, and delivery.

Innovative & Responsive Design Techniques

Innovative & responsive design techniques are used that provide the finest customer-experience on mobile and other types of devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smart devices), reduce the bounce rate with fast loading, easy to use navigation, clear call-to-actions etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strategically executed SEO helps increase the website rankings on internet search engines, making it easier for web surfers to find your website when searching for goods and services. All our coding standards meet the guidelines of search engine optimization on the website

Services Driven by Research & Studies

Research & Analysis driven services to enable effective end-results

Development of Website in Arabic & Other Languages

Upgro Digital design & develop Arabic & other language versions of the Strategic Business Website.
Arabic & other language pages also are developed using innovative design techniques.

Upgro Digital creates a strategic business website that helps the organization improve performance and increase profit in the digital age

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A well-structured website is the most effective tool for growing your brand, leads, sales, and entire business in this online age. Meanwhile, the wrong website can damage Company’s reputation or even kill the business!

A professional agency focus on long-term goals. They create a business-oriented website, that is built on specific STRATEGIES. It is accomplished by collaborative efforts involving experts from at least five multi-disciplinary areas: Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Design, and Content.

A 'Strategic Business Website' (SB Website) has a wide range of applications to meet your business goals. The SB website can help you build a strong brand, spread messages, launch products, attract new customers, sell products or services, hire outstanding employees…and many more.

The key steps are
    • 1) Assess your requirements & budget
    • 2) Search Google for agencies
    • 3) Add from other sources, if any
    • 4) Check their websites
    • 5) Shortlist 7 to 10 prospects
    • 6) Convey requirements & budget range
    • 7) Invite portfolios
    • 8) Review Credentials
    • 9) Shortlist 3-5 agencies
    • 10) Hold meetings with agencies
    • 11) Assess suitability as a business partner
    • 12) Shortlist
    • 13) Gather technical proposals
    • 14) Collect Financial proposals
    • 15) Review & Select one
    • 16) Award work order
    • 17) Execute MOU/ Agreement
    • 18) Sign NDA
    • 19) Make an action plan
    • 20) Kickoff & Monitor

In today's world, a company's website is a digital asset. In the case of a Strategic Website, the annual return on investment (ROI) is typically greater than 100%. i.e. you can deduct the entire cost in the first year! Then ask yourself, how much is your annual budget, and what percentage of it should be spent on your Website?

We help your business grow online with Strategic Website, Strategic Branding & Strategic Digital Marketing drives. Our team of professionals provides you the best website design and digital marketing services. Send us an email, give us a call, get a Free Quote or schedule a FREE Strategy session below


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